Chassis Truck Trailer

Chassis Truck Trailer


• Reinforced "I" section main frame 120/12 5 mm sheet metal, welding with upper and lower flat automatic submerged arc welding machine • These chassis are interconnected against bending. AXLES 2 and 3 axles with a capacity of 9 and 12 tons were used Heavy brake pads in accordance with TSE norms There are service brake levers SUSPENSION Parabolic double-decker Z springs and shock absorbers FRONT AXLE LIFT Controlled front axle lifting system of the cabin TIRES AND RIMS ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT according to customer's request • SAE standards and Complies with TUV general regulation • Rear parking, stop, signal, plate trailer reflectors and orange warning signs on the sides, BRAKE EQUIPMENT 71/320 brakesystem according to EC Standards. • Automatic brake ratchets 2S / 2M EBS
ISO 9001






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