2-10 Axle Lowbed

  • Capacity

    40000 kg

  • Weight

    9000 kg

  • Number of Axles

    2 Pieces

  • Tire Quantity


  • Tire Size

    235 / 75 17,5 R 184

  • Total Length

    11200 - 12900 mm. (Varies according to the purpose of use.)

  • Width

    2550 mm – 3300 mm (Varies according to the purpose of use.)

Lowbed with 2 Axles and 8 Tires is manufactured in the desired size and capacity in international quality. Lowbed is produced in our factory in Kazan, Ankara, by our experienced employees, using advanced technology equipment, in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards.

Sample product pictures and technical details are for informational purposes only. Technical details such as color, feature, size, capacity, number of axles vary according to the order.

This trailer is designed for transporting heavy loads with its low heights and high payloads. The trailer's frame is made of high-strength steel, which ensures strength and durability. The 2-axle lowbed trailer has a carrying capacity of 40 tons and is equipped with advanced features such as braking system, hydraulic system and electrical system. The height of the trailer can be lowered thanks to the hydraulic system, which is useful when the load needs to be of low height. In addition, the sides and front of the trailer are designed to be removable and mountable so that the load can be loaded and unloaded more easily. The trailer also includes high safety features, which ensures a safe and hassle-free transportation process. The tires of the trailer are high quality, durable and suitable for heavy loads. These features show that the trailer is an ideal option for transporting heavy loads safely and quickly.
ISO 9001






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